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The Story of Pie, Mash & Liquor

Pie, mash, and liquor is London’s most famous traditional dish enjoyed by Londoners, especially cockneys since the 19th century. Traditional working class food originating from the East End, the Savory pie had long been a transportable meal, made with a cold-water pastry crust and served with mash potato and liquor sauce (parsley sauce). 

What is Liquor Sauce?

Liquor is a savoury parsley sauce, not alcoholic as the name suggests; instead, referring to a liquid in which something has been cooked. Back in the good old Cockney knees-up days, the something in question was originally eels! 

This is the true taste of London!

Here at The Barley Mow, we are proud to serve London’s finest Pie, Mash and Liquor as part of our classic pub food menu. All made fresh on site, we serve braised beef & gravy, chicken & chorizo and Leek, fennel and courgette pie all made with hot water crust pastry and served with mash and liquor sauce.

We hope you’ll join us for one soon.